@emergechamps #HolyDanfo part 2. #EmergeUber #EmergeCarpool #SaveYourGas

#HolyDanfo part 2. #EmergeUber #EmergeCarpool

🍂🍃🍁#ootd #tieoftheday

Morgan State we outchea!! If you’re tryna join this #HolyCarPool meet us outside the MV leasing center and the bus stop by Subway!! Call 4436235444 for more details. We’ll be leaving by 5 on the dot so take advantage while you can

Morgan State, don’t forget about the @emergechamps car pool tonight.

Commuting to work or school this early morning? Wouldn’t you love to have a carpool bus pick you up instead of driving? What about when you’re going to church on Sunday? Well we thought about that, and now Morgan State, this Sunday, you got the hookup.

This Sunday @emergechamps got a carpool going from Morgan. #WeDriveYouWorship #IfYoTankOnE #WeGotYouCovered

Three piece for the anniversary. JHB @ 17

15 mins till this @emergechamps concert. Still time to make it out and get a plate at the preconcert mixer. And don’t forget to wear your college apparel and rep your school!

Less than 24 hours until the concert of the summer!! Come rep your school at @emergechamps back to school concert. I shall be the be the host so it’s bound to be live 😏